Existing Wind Tunnels


NWT Model

Turbulence Research Laboratory

by William K. George, Rolf Karlsson,
Martin Wosnik, and T. Gunnar Johansson

Turbulence Research Laboratory
Department of Thermo and Fluid Dynamics
Chalmers University of Technology, Gothenburg, Sweden

Experimental work in a large research wind tunnel is needed to solve a number of fundamental questions and enable scientists and engineers to further improve computations of turbulent flow. Simply put, the problem is how to achieve a separation of length scales, energetic to dissipation, of 10^5 or larger – and still be able to resolve the smallest scales occurring in the flow with the smallest technically feasible probes (approximately 10 x10^(-6)m).

The Nordic Wind Tunnel...

  • will be a very large (test section: length 40m, cross-section 3m x 3m), low-speed wind tunnel with very low background turbulence (u'/U < 0.02%). It will be the only facility in the world with this combination of size (length and width) and high flow quality.
  • will enable turbulence experiments on a scale that will not be achievable with computers for many decades. It will be used to address many of the fundamental questions that have held back turbulence research for half a century.
  • also has tremendous potential for commercialization due to its unique size and flow quality. This ensures its long-term viability serving a variety of industries.
  • will be operated as a major Nordic and European Facility. Many of the world's leading scientists have enthusiastically endorsed this facility (see letters of support) and they expect high quality work to result from it.