Abolfazl Shiri

Abolfazl Shiri

- B.Sc. (Sharif U. Tech., Tehran)
- M.Sc. (Chalmers U. Tech., Sweden)
- Ph.D. (Chalmers U. Tech., Sweden)

email: shiri (at) turbulence-online.com

Resume (pdf)

Research Interests:

  • Experimental Fluid Dynamics
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics
  • Natural Convection Boundary Layer Flows
  • Turbulent Free-Shear Flows
  • Bio-fluid Dynamics


  • Abolfazl Shiri, Sara Toutiaei and William K. George. "Turbulent Flow Structure in the Similarity Region of Swirling Jet". In Advances in Turbulence XI, Proceedings of the 11th EUROMECH, pages 471 - 473, European Turbulence Conference, Porto, Portugal, June 25-28, 2007. Springer.
  • Abolfazl Shiri, William K. George and Sara Toutiaei. "Evaluation of Closure Hypotheses Using Recent Experimental Data on the Similarity Region of Swirling Jet Flow". In Proceedings of the 4th Ankara International Aerospace Conference, Ankara, Turkey, September 10-12, 2007. AIAC-2007-051.
  • Abolfazl Shiri, William K. George and Jonathan W. Naughton. "Experimental study of the far-field of incompressible swirling jets". AIAA Journal, 46(8):2002 - 2009, August 2008.
  • Abolfazl Shiri and William K. George. "Turbulent Natural Convection in a Differentially Heated Vertical Channel". In Proceedings of 2008 ASME Summer Heat Transfer Conference, Jacksonville, Florida USA, Augst 10-14, 2008. HT2008-56333.
  • Abolfazl Shiri. "Turbulence Measurements in a Natural Convection Boundary Layer and a Swirling Jet". PhD thesis, Department of Applied Mechanics, Chalmers University of Technology, Gothenburg, Sweden, Feb. 2010.
  • Abolfazl Shiri and William K. George. "Experimental Study of the Near-Wall Region of a Natural Convection Driven Flow Next to a Vertical Cylinder". In Proceedings of iTi 2010 interdisciplinary turbulence initiative Conference, Progress in Turbulence IV, Bertinoro, Italy, Sept. 19-22 2010. Springer.

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